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We have made it our mission to bring friendly force-free and science-based training to Genesee County and surrounding areas in Michigan. What it means to be force-free trainers: building a trusting relationship between dogs and their caregivers.  

We have studied canine body language and we continually learn by attending seminars and lectures. This allows us to help you and your dog be able to understand each other better.   


Danielle Gardner has been a dog trainer since 2002. She crossed over to force free in 2015. She has seen both sides of the training spectrum. Since crossing over to force free, she has experienced a trustworthy relationship with her own dogs and the dogs she works with. 

"I regret using forceful training in my past. I used choke collars, pinch collars and shock collars. I also used treats and praise, but I seen so many dogs become more fearful or unsure of their person and me by using punishment. When I met Ginger in 2015, I was volunteering at the Genesee County Animal Control. She quickly became one of my "project" dogs. She would grab my pant legs and shake her head, bite my hands anytime they came near her (she would bruise but not puncture). I had tried everything I thought I knew in the previous 13 years of using different "balanced" training methods to no avail. Then a friend had added me to a FaceBook page, and I met very knowledgeable force-free, fear-free, and science-based trainers that showed me a whole new eye-opening world. That was the day my whole world changed!! I will never be able to thank them enough! I have been celebrating as a force-free, fear-free, and science-based trainer since 2015. I will NEVER go back to using intimidation or punishment!! I have learned so much more in the years since crossing over because I go to as many seminars and lectures as I can to continue my education. The world would be a much better place if we all treated each other with respect and kindness! If we want to be better caregivers for our family, we have to learn better ways!!"

Beth Moody has been training dogs since 2005. "I used to train in more of what is now known as balanced training style. At that time, I truly believed in everything I taught. I believed if you didn’t use both treats and punishers you were being unfair to the dog, not giving them all available info to make choices. The more I studied, learned, read, only showed me these ideas were totally wrong. Science-based training showed me better ways to communicate with dogs. When you communicate clearly and concisely what it is you want, and offer a fun and enriched life, they will give you what you want and have fun doing it. Now I train in a FORCE-FREE way and can accomplish so much more with the dogs, including a better relationship with them. When you know better, you do better. Let us show you a better way."

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